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Github Packages

Add a new spec with githubSpec {}. It adds two mandatory properties, owner and repository, which are used to identify the GitHub repository.

In addition to this, it is also mandatory to authenticate to GitHub using your username and a personal access token. These can be added as secrets to the auth block, as shown below.

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deployer { // Common configuration... project.description.set("Handy tool to publish maven packages in different repositories.") githubSpec { // Identify the GitHub repository: deepmedia/MavenDeployer owner.set("deepmedia") repository.set("MavenDeployer") // Personal GitHub username and a personal access token linked to it auth.user.set(secret("GITHUB_USER")) auth.token.set(secret("GITHUB_TOKEN")) } // If needed, you can add other named specs. githubSpec("private") { ... } }