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DeepMedia ❤️ Open Source

A home for documentation and examples about all our open source projects, libraries and tools.

The open-source gift

The importance of community-driven, open-source projects on our codebase cannot be understated. Our products are built upon the work of hundreds of thousands of engineers, who spent countless hours working on publicly accessible source code.

Giving back to the community

As a software development company, we are aware of the significance of open-source code in software development. DeepMedia owes to the community and is giving back a collection of free-to-use, well-documented projects maintained by us and available to everyone.

Powering the DeepMedia suite

Our open-source tools are backing the DeepMedia suite in critical areas like testing, deployment, and compilation. Moreover, we are committed to open-source more fundamental pieces of the suite over time to make them accessible to the whole community.

Explore our projects

deepmedia / MavenDeployer

Release libraries to Maven Central, Nexus, GitHub Packages or local directories with a unified Gradle DSL. Supports automatic releases using Sonatype APIs, signing, authorization, Kotlin Multiplatform and more.

Knee logo

deepmedia / Knee

Knee is a Kotlin compiler plugin and runtime that enables easy communication between Kotlin/Native and Kotlin/JVM code running in the same process through the JNI interface.


deepmedia / multiplatform-testing

A Gradle plugin to ease testing in Kotlin Multiplatform projects with a focus on Android. Configures and manages emulators, invaluable on CI.