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multiplatform-testing/Android (JVM) targets

Android (JVM) targets


A few things are required to test Android targets:

  1. The Android SDK Command Line tools should be installed or, if they are not, you should provide a valid sdkHome directory in which they will be downloaded (macOS / Linux only).

    kotlinmultiplatformTesting {
        androidTools {
            // path to installed SDK, or path where SDK will be installed
            // defaults to $ANDROID_HOME environment variable.
  2. Hardware acceleration. While Android documentation states that it is "recommended", hosts without acceleration are typically unable to run the emulator at all.

Note that if you connect a real device, the plugin will detect it and it will not try to launch an emulator. In this case, host hardware acceleration is not needed of course.


Use ./gradlew tasks --group='Multiplatform Testing' to list all testing tasks.

The plugin provides two relevant tasks:

  • run<TargetName>Tests tasks: runs tests for the specified target, typically this will be runAndroidTests unless you used a custom name for the android target.
  • killAndroidEmulators task: kills all currently running emulators. Can be used to cleanup.

This means that the typical command will be:

./gradlew app:runAndroidTests app:killAndroidEmulators


kotlinmultiplatformTesting {
    android {
        // Enforce testing on a specific API level. If not set, we'll choose the API level in
        // a way that minimizes the number of emulators and the download of new system images.
        // Defaults to the MPT_ANDROID_API environment variable.

        // Enforce testing on a specific image tag. If not set, we'll choose the image tag in
        // a way that minimizes the number of emulators and the download of new system images.
        // Defaults to the MPT_ANDROID_TAG environment variable.

        // Choose the default variant that will be tested when running 'runAndroidTests'.
        // Defaults to the MPT_ANDROID_VARIANT environment variable, falls back to "debug".

        // By default, run* tasks execute both instrumented tests and unit tests.
        // Set this flag to false to avoid running unit tests.